What's next?

Please take everything on this Carrd with a pinch of salt.
Any project could be changed or canceled at any moment.
The reason I'm doing this is to show you how many things I have planned for the future. I know it's not a good idea to reveal many of the projects this early on, but I'm also eager to share them with you.

Can't Touch series

Question Mark

Out In Touch

Last novel of the series.

Winter 2022

FMTS Cover

From Maid To Streamer

Light, web novel that will have sporadic and short chapters over the span of several years.

Spring 2023

Couple That Can't Touch Cover

Couple That Can't Touch
2nd Edition

To celebrate my 5th writing anniversary, I'll revamp the novel to correct mistakes in the story and improve the overall quality.

Winter 2023

Question Mark

Velvet Avant-garde
Unworthy Hero

Fall 2023


WMMG Cover

Who Murdered My Girlfriend?

Question Mark

The Monster Under My Bed Is A Cute Girl?!

Fantasy Saga

Question Mark


Question Mark


Question Mark


Question Mark



Question Mark

Eternal Horizon

Question Mark


Question Mark

of Sonder

Question Mark

The Everlasting Airship

Outcrush Temporary Cover


Thank you for taking the time to see everything.If you want to find out more about the projects before anyone else, you can join the Follower tier on my Patreon, where I'll occasionally post sneak peeks and behind the scenes content.